Calling all Grandparents

Calling all Grandparents

You have probably already done the sensible thing and made a Will – was that some years ago when you rightly thought only about providing for each other and your children?

Times have moved on and it may be advantageous to take fresh advice and think again.

Your home may now be mortgage free and of significant value. You might want to learn how to protect that value if one of you requires long term care in later life.

Secondly your adult children and their partners may not need the money. A lump sum gift could increase their liability to Inheritance Tax or may be lost or diluted if they divorce or suffer bankruptcy.

The needy in today’s society are likely to be your grandchildren and you are in a unique position to help with their higher education costs and later helping them to get on the property ladder.

Through your Wills you can protect property from the effect of long term care costs, you can make gifts that will benefit your children without risk and, perhaps most importantly, make gifts that skip generations in order to benefit your grandchildren and future generations.

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