Cheap Will that cost half a house!

Cheap Will that cost half a house!

Check out this article in The Telegraph –

‘How a £90 Will by Barclays lost half my house’

Barclays is being sued by a daughter who claims a botched Will by the bank deprived her of a stake in her late father’s London home. The case underlines a wider problem with low-cost wills.

It’s amazing that organisations such as Barclays can be negligent in producing a Will in which they have written themselves in as Executor with the intent of charging excessive fees for administering the estate by not arranging the simple act of severing a joint tenacy.

We received a call only yesterday from someone trying to make a Will online. The firm concerned clearly didn’t provide a telephone number or any support and since their name was similar to our we got the call!

Making a Will is something you should do a least once in your life. It needs to be done properly to provide the maximum benefit for those whom you cherish. Wills are individual and personal, no two people are the same. In our view you should not make a Will without professional advice otherwise you risk your loved ones losing out.

Free Wills, online Wills, Wills offered by banks and other institutions looking for other business opportunities simply do not provide any certainty and perhaps more importantly somewhere for your loved ones to seek redress if they get it wrong.

For the sake of your family please consult a professional.

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