Funding long term care costs for the elderly.

Funding long term care costs for the elderly.

A recent article in the Telegraph entitled “Councils ‘needlessly’ forcing elderly to sell homes to pay for care”. The article once again highlights the uncertainty surrounding care costs and, in particular, who has to pay for what and when. More importantly what reliefs may be available to families.

In 2012 the then care minister Norman Lamb said of a new government scheme that “the scheme would bring reassurance to millions of people by ending the existing unfair system so no one need face the prospect of selling their in home in their lifetime”. The scheme has been altered and delayed subsequently to the effect that those needing residential care and their families don’t understand what they are entitled to and when! In fact it is a financial minefield for unwary families.

We strongly recommend that families faced with these problems seek independent professional advice. We can recommend organisations who know the law and can guide family members through the process.

In addition estate planning through your Wills can at least protect half of your home for future generations on the first one of a couple to die. Contact us for details.

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