Funeral Plans – a great investment

Funeral Plans – a great investment

SunLife has published its 8th report on the cost of dying which tracks the changes in costs over time. Their conclusion having surveyed 1504 UK adults responsible for planning a funeral and administering an estate is that the average cost of dying in 2014 is £8,427. This is an increase of 10.6% over the 2013 cost.

The average cost of a basic funeral is £3,590 with the average amount spent on additional extras being £1,833 (memorials, flowers, notices, the wake etc.).

The basic funeral cost has doubled in the last 10 years, an average increase of around 10% per annum. There is nothing to suggest that the increase in costs on an annual basis will not continue in the future.

This confirms, if there was ever a doubt, that investing in a Funeral Plan today that buys a guaranteed funeral whenever needed is one of the best investments you can make.

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