Good news for British citizens owning property in other EU countries

Good news for British citizens owning property in other EU countries

There are changes due which should enable British Citizens to decide in advance which country’s law will apply to their property on their death.

In much of continental Europe a large part of an estate (often around half) is reserved for surviving children to whom it must be divided equally. This ‘forced heirship’ makes it impossible to make alternative provisions for irresponsible children or to reward carers. There are also rules that prevent parents from giving to individual children in the years before their death.

At present for example, for a UK resident with a property in France forced heirship will apply in respect of that property.

This is set to change from August this year when new European Regulations come into force. After 17th August any British national who has property in any of the participating countries can chose the law of the country of their nationality or habitual residence as the law to decide who inherits when they die.

By putting a provision in their Will saying that they wish English Law to apply to their property situated in another participating EU country they can avoid that countries rules even if they are living there!

If you feel that these changes could be of benefit to you please contact us for more information.

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