HSBC Wills and Probate Services

HSBC Wills and Probate Services

Over recent days we have received calls from a number HSBC customers enquiring if we now hold their Wills. We don’t.

Over the years HSBC (and other high street banks) have offered their customers free or subsidised Wills on the basis that they (the bank) were included as Executors. On the death of the customer the bank, acting as Executor, would charge fees for obtaining probate and administering the estate that were typically multiple times the market rate.

It seems that HSBC has recently disposed of its Will bank to a probate firm called Simplify Channel Limited (hence the similar name is the reason we are receiving the calls) and has sent the customers a letter inviting them to sign a codicil (a change to their Will) appointing Simplify Channel as Executor. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THESE HSBC CUSTOMERS DO NOT SIGN WITHOUT SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE.

If you would like to review and/or change your Will please contact us for advice.

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