Lasting Powers of Attorney – compelling reasons to invest in them!

Lasting Powers of Attorney – compelling reasons to invest in them!

If you were ever in doubt about the benefits of making a Lasting Power of Attorney read this Independent newspaper article.

Unless they have experienced the sort of issues faced by Rebecca in the article people do not realise the problems their loved ones will suffer if they were to become incapacitated. Such incapacity may arise through an accident, illness or advancing years and result in their being unable to manage their own money, financial affairs and/or to make decisions about their own care, health and welfare.

All this can be avoided by making Lasting Powers of Attorney to deal with property & financial affairs and health & personal welfare. We recommend that once made these documents are registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in order that they are available for immediate use should they be required (the registration process is currently taking over four months).

Please contact us to discuss making LPAs.

As regards joint bank accounts – these do not generally work if one of the account holders loses capacity since on learning about it the bank will freeze the account unless there is a registered LPA in place.

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