Lost Wills

Lost Wills

We receive enquiries almost every week asking if we know the whereabouts of the Will of someone locally who has died, we never have the answer!

Wills often written years ago by firms of solicitors or banks would be securely stored by them with only the knowledge of the solicitor or bank and the person making the Will. On the death of the person unless they have told their family where their Will is, it is effectively lost. If a Will cannot be found their estate will be dealt with in accordance with the rules of Intestacy (as though there was no Will) and this may mean that the estate will be inherited by people other than those chosen by the deceased.

We do not store our clients’ Wills ourselves but encourage them to either (1) store their Will securely themselves and tell their family where it is or (2) offer them a secure professional storage facility where the existence of the Will and its location is registered on a publicly accessible national database.

For details of professional storage of Wills please contact us.

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