Prepaid Funeral Plans – How do you select a plan provider?

Prepaid Funeral Plans – How do you select a plan provider?

Here are some things to consider before deciding on your Funeral Plan:

Low prices versus:

– A cast-iron guarantee of security

– A properly regulated supplier; and


Tips –

  1. Check to see if the funeral director is appointed from day one and GUARANTEES to carry out the funeral and there will NEVER be more to pay for his services however far into the future they are required and how the plan combats inflation.
  2.  Is the firm regulated by The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)? Apart from maintaining standards, FPA membership means that if a member firm gets into trouble, the other members will step in to deal with the funerals.
  3. If the plan is Trust based DEMAND to see the latest trust accounts. Ensure the assets exceed the liabilities (this is compulsory for FPA members).

Take advice, check out all the differences and decide which is the BEST overall plan for you.

There are some very good funeral plan providers – we think the plan we offer is provided by one of them – the plans are called “GUARANTEED” for a reason.

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